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Scrap Metal Co. provides comprehensive demolition services for any industrial project. 


From on-site evaluation to complete site clean-up, our team will ensure an efficient and cost-effective solution.

With attention to detail, our team makes sure your project is done in accordance with Environmental and Safety standards. With hands-on management services, we stay on top of your project from beginning to end.  By maximizing scrap metal value, Scrap Metal Co. offsets and significantly reduces the cost of your demolition project.


         Demolition/Construction Sites

  • Oilfield Lease Sites

  • Structures (Buildings, Shops, hangars, etc.)

  • Transportation services (Industrial equipment removal/demolition)

  • Transportation networks (Bridges, Railroads, etc.)


Scrap Metal from obsolete Equipment or Machinery:

  • Inventory liquidation

  • Machinery replacement

  • Maintenance scrap

  • Scrap and old industrial machinery

Scrap Metal Grande Prairie

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